Nobody gives the black girl mob credit for being smart as fuck. They clown but at the end of the day they are really intelligent.

And it’s not subtle at all.
Taystee is a math prodigy in addition to being well-read, Poussey is multilingual, Cindy just knows shit, Suzanne studies Shakespeare, Watson was a good student in addition to being a track star, Vee is basically an evil genius. Piper often learns the most from them; they taught her how to fight and helped translate Pennsatucky’s biblical threat.
The show flat out acknowledges the (academic) intelligence of the black inmates time and time again, but the audience collectively ignores it.


Yet regardless of this, they are sadly in jail…That’s an observation that should add to the concern.

So fucking well said!

Self Promotion Pt 14: Artist Profile (for job opportunities)

I came across Ideas Tap and saw some great job opportunities and competitions of all sorts for photographers. I thought along with ARTslanT this will be a great website to keep up to date with as I’ve seen some jobs advertised here that interest me and pay decent money.

For the next couple of weeks, my main priority will be to apply for as many jobs as possible in my related field even if it’s working as an administrator for a photography studio or whatnot as I have years of experience in administration. 

Here’s a link to my profile with IdeasTap:


I need to spend a bit of time updating my profile and also add a CV which I will do this week.

Self Promotion Pt 13: More on my CV

As mentioned previously that I would collate some constructive feedback from people on my CV and perhaps change the template a little bit. I got feedback and decided to change the layout slightly. I also saw Kyle Thompson and Danny Treacy’s CV and really liked the simple and consistent layout and I’ve decided to take some ideas from them.

Here’s my updated CV (you can see old template in previous post):

I think I am satisfied with this layout and now work hard on expanding it :-)

Self Promotion Pt 12: More on My Website

I just wanted to add to the website that I have also created a Google Analytics link up to my live website. Google Analytics is a platform provided by Google and generates detailed statistics of your websites traffic. It is free of charge but you can also have a premium account which you have to pay for. You also need to really know how to create it as it is quite tricky. I created this with the help of my developer friend and maintain it on my own regularly.

Since the Free Range exhibition, I can tell exactly who’s visited my website, geographic location and how much time they spent looking at my website. What operating system they used and whether they used a laptop, phone or a tablet to access my website.

It is needless to say how useful this little platform can be for your website and business in general.

Here’s a sneak peek of it:

Self Promotion Pt 11: Artist’s Portfolio

Part of Self Promotion unit required us to create a portfolio of our choice whether it be images presented in a portfolio book or archival seawhite boxes - it was entirely upto us.

I chose to present a selection of images (shown below) in an A2 archival box as most of my images had already been printed A2 and A3 size and rest I was going to print A2 - A3 size too so I decided to just purchase a bigger size anyway.

Although I would’ve liked to spend decent money and time on creating my portfolio I also wanted to make sure I have ‘something’ to showcase at Free Range exhibition besides my FMP on display and that I meet all requirements for the Self Promotion brief and submit everything to the deadline. Also, I printed a very quick selection of images with ProAm for financial reasons and I wasn’t very happy with the quality of the images - colours weren’t true to the original images. However, now that the course is finished, I have little bit of me time to really think about the presentation of it and reprint from Metro Imaging or Print Space perhaps. This will be my potential portfolio to take with me to potential employers if they required a physical portfolio other than my website.

Self Promotion Pt 10: Website Content 2 of 2

This section will be short and sweet as I want to mention the content of my website.

I spent a lot of time debating what to include on my website i.e. what sort of images and correct categories that they would fit under. At the time of creating the website I had very limited body of work to showcase but it was still work that represents me as a photographer. Travel is a major part of my life and my photography. A lot of my work draws inspiration from travelling so it is important for me to share selected work with the viewers.

Rest will be Portraits under its dedicated category as I truly love and enjoy photographing people and ‘Project’ based category.

I don’t particularly like websites with a long list of ‘categories’. It makes it hard to navigate and after a while, you can get bored of ‘clicking’ and scrolling pages and pages of images. 

A good website should have a selection of your best work only. I see website as ‘you curating the best of your work to showcase on an online exhibition’.

Self Promotion Pt 9: Website Research 1 of 2

I had created my professional website long before the Self Promotion brief therefore, I left it till last on the list of Self Promotion research. When I initially wanted to create a website for myself, I was confused and daunted by this task especially that I was still finding my feet on the ground at the time I created the website with heavily involved world of photography, studies and also actively looking for work in related field and secondly, I just didn’t know what would be the best provider to go with. So, I realised that most of the time, website providers add their logos and links to their own websites in the left or right hand bottom corner of each website that they host. I decided to look at handful of my favourite photographers both historic and contemporary and see who they’ve built their websites with. I cannot begin to express how successful this little exercise turned out to be and it immediately made it simpler for me to decide who to go with.

Although I don’t clearly remember whom I looked at at the time of creating my website except for a few that I would mention below:

Kyle Thompson
Kyle has one of the most simplest website designs that you can come across in the world of photography. It is his work that speaks volumes and that’s what I strongly believe in. However, you can have the most beautiful work under your belt but a bad and not so user-friendly website to showcase your work can really ruin your name and work for you. I’m not saying you cannot have a flashy looking website (each to their own and what suits your work best) but a website that is super easy to navigate for the users is extremely important and I felt that with Kyle’s website. Therefore, Kyle was my main inspiration for my own website design and also my reason for choosing 4ormat.com in the end.

Danny Treacy

Daniel Regan

Kyle Thompson was ultimately my top choice for the website template, design and provider i.e. 4ormat.

However, when researching for website providers, I looked into Photoshelter as recommended by Ki Price. ViewBook as recommended by Nana V. Wix and Weebly as recommended by a friend who is a web designer and a developer. I chose 4ormat in the end for their higher recommendation level by their users, highly spoken of customer service and super easy to use and adjustable templates and also their prices were reasonable for me and I chose to purchase an annual subscription which cost me £70 altogether.

My choice of domain name provider were Name Cheap as this was recommended by a webs designer and developer friend who helped me conduct an in-depth research first comparing domain name providers and we chose Name Cheap as they were already provided service to 4ormat and they also gave a customised email address for example: info@johnsmith.com which I found out that domain name providers like Go Daddy don’t unless you pay extra £60-70.

Here’s a link to my website and a screenshot:


@iamasterdavid with her series ‘Morph’ at this yrs #freerangeshows at #theoldtrumanbrewery #untitled14 #cwc #morph


@iamasterdavid with her series ‘Morph’ at this yrs #freerangeshows at #theoldtrumanbrewery #untitled14 #cwc #morph

Self Promotion Pt 8: Promotional Flyers - exhibition

For my no barking aRt exhibition, I created these A6 promotional flyers to hand out to people and use at the exhibition. These also had my contact details as my business cards from Moo didn’t arrive in time for the expo. I printed with Solopress and was extremely happy and satisfied with their quick turnaround and excellent quality paper.

More details can be found on this in my workbook.

Self Promotion Pt 7: Business Cards

Business cards are one of the best ways to represent your work and yourself just like websites. Before I created some to represent me, I wanted to make sure I have solid body of work and a website representing that work and myself and once I have this, I can go ahead and create business cards that I can start giving out in galleries, people and potential employers who are interested in my work. I have been collecting business cards for a while now - from galleries, exhibitions, talks, photographers themselves etc. I decided to use these collected business cards as visual research to help me figure out what type of design and font is best suited to me and my work. Although there are 100s of companies available online to create from cheap to luxury business cards, I wanted to go for something minimalist and a special type of ‘card’. I looked into Moo, Solopress, Vistaprint, Zazzle and Instantprint but ultimately decided to print with Moo as they did that special type of card that I wanted to use - Luxe paper (Moo are the only company that provide this paper). However, Solopress are super cheap and do variety of quality paper too so, Solopress would have been my second choice to print with as they are known for effective and quick turnaround time.

Now, I wanted to make sure the design was simple, minimalistic and professional. I debated for a while whether to use one of my images overleaf or not as some people think it’s a ‘cheap’ way of making photography business cards. But majority of the photographers follow this template as a standard practice I think. You’ll see in images below that every business card has an image from a photographer on one side and contact details overleaf.




(Above business cards were collected at LCC BA photography exhibition ‘14)

And these are the selected business cards that I’ve collected over the years and how most photographers use one of their images on one side of the business card:


(Daniel Regan (image above) uses a Luxe paper for his business cards and I also love the simplicity of his business card design).

So, based on my research I decided to print with Moo on Luxe paper which is a 600gsm paper. Moo’s printfinity option also lets you print a different image on every single card in a pack so I decided to try out with 2 images and ordered myself 50 business cards:




At least now I have something to give out to people at the exhibition and they arrived in this lovely little packaging :-)